Recycling life: Transplant recipients on trek to raise awareness and educate on organ donation stop off in Danville

(Robin Hart photo) Todd Hensel takes a photo of Kyle Bailey inside of a driver’s license marked as organ donor card, in front of the RV they are driving back to Michigan on a trek to raise awareness for organ donation. Hensel has had five transplants and Bailey has had four. The two men stopped off to see the “Queen Bee” of organ recipients, Danville’s own Jean Crawford.
Multiple organ transplant recipients Kyle Bailey and Todd Hensel stopped in Danville Thursday afternoon to meet a local resident who they call “The Queen Bee” of organ recipients, Jean Crawford.

The two men were driving an RV from Orlando back to Michigan, where Bailey lives, after completing a special cycle trek Bailey rode from Michigan to Florida to raise awareness about the importance of people registering to become organ donors.

Bailey, 33, had a double lung transplant seven years ago and a liver and kidney transplant just 27 months ago — that’s four organ transplants in two surgeries, and “I feel great,” he said.

Hensel, who is 57, had five organs transplanted at one time about 10 years ago, he said.

He didn’t ride a bike on the trip, but volunteered to be Bailey’s RV support driver, even though they didn’t know each other before the adventure began. Continue reading