9/11 hero firefighter donates kidney to stranger in need

NEW YORK POST | Dean Balsamini
She has one of his kidneys. Now, he has a piece of her heart.
In December, 9/11 hero firefighter Kevin Shea gave the gift of life to a total stranger — Lois Knudson, a 60-year-old special-ed teacher from Orange County, Calif. in desperate need of an organ transplant.

On Thursday, the two met for the first time.

“Thank you! It’s great to finally meet you in person!” a teary-eyed Knudson said as she hugged Shea in The Post’s Midtown office.

The embrace lasted almost a full minute, as Knudson clung to her savior.

“It’s kind of late now!’ the quirky former firefighter quipped, adding, “It’s really good to meet you too.”

“You messed up my makeup,” an emotional Knudson teased, playfully adding, “He’s cute! Good looking guy!”

“I did lose five pounds,” the 51-year-old Shea joked, referring to the weight of his now-gone left kidney. Continue reading