“It breathes new life into her,” Oklahoma’s first newborn organ donor continues to make a difference

KFOR | Lauren Daniels

OKLAHOMA CITY - Many people want to make a difference during their time on this earth - but what do you do if your time is less than 15 hours? That's the difficult decision one family faced before their daughter was even born.

Now, Oklahoma's first newborn organ donor is still changing the world.

Abbey Ahern is a mom of five beautiful little girls. One of them is no longer with them physically but living on in their hearts.

"She was chubby and precious, and everything about her was so perfect - except for the top of her head, which was the anencephaly," Ahern said.

Anencephaly is when an embryo develops without a major part of the brain, skull and scalp.

The Ahearns learned of Annie's diagnosis at a 19-week checkup. Doctors said the little girl was incompatible with life.

"That's when our worlds just crashed," Ahern said.

The family knew they'd have to make the most of the time they had with her, cherishing the nearly-15 hours she survived. Continue reading