Long Island Dad's Successful Liver Transplant Inspires Volunteerism

NEWSMAX | Clyde Hughes
A Long Island dad said his liver transplant last year has inspired him to volunteer for the organ donation agency in New York after the 72-year-old man waited nearly a decade before he received a liver, the New York Daily News reported.

Walter Zublionis told the newspaper that he was surprised last October when he learned that a match was found for him to receive a new liver. His daughter, Ronnie Reid, the organ transplant coordinator for LiveOnNY, the federally designated agency that facilitates organ donation in New York, told the newspaper she received the word first from a colleague.

His procedure then at New York-Presbyterian Hospital went smoothly, and Zublionis got a second chance at life after years of waiting, the Daily News wrote. Reid, who has served as transplant coordinator for five years and a nurse for 28 years, said the experience was emotional for her.

"It was full circle to the extreme," Reid told the Daily News. "I got to feel first-hand what I give to people. It makes it much more emotional for me, which I guess, in turn, makes you fight a little harder. When I make that phone call (to someone waiting for an organ) I can now literally feel that emotion that someone else is going to feel." Continue reading