Remonia Chapman: Organ, tissue donation education a ministry of love

ReRemonia A. Chapman: "Every time I see a donor family member in their most tragic time I look beyond that to love, the greatest gift, and share the greatest gift of love and life — that is just an amazing thing for me."(Photo: Robin Buckson, The Detroit News)
Gift of Life Michigan’s education program director discusses the humbling experience of helping a donor family share their gift of love and life. By Robin Buckson, The Detroit News

At a very young age, Remonia A. Chapman learned a lesson about the power of love that shaped her entire life.

"Love trumps everything," she said. Whatever the need, situation or challenge.

Love is the secret ingredient she brings to her work as program director for the Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program at Gift of Life Michigan.

She's spent more than 20 years dispelling myths and educating communities of color about the importance of organ and tissue donation by speaking at public events, networking with community leaders, supporting donor families and recipients, and rousting volunteers.

"There’s an immediate level of connectivity that occurs that is something that is almost impossible to put into words, because there is an unspoken love that speaks in that particular moment," Chapman said of meeting with families in their time of grief to explain how organ and tissue donation can create a legacy of life for a lost loved one. Continue reading