Why Baby Benjamin's story is so important


The story of Benjamin is a story that has touched so many people - but has special importance to me having had personal experience of the amazing work doctors, surgeons and medics can do with babies born with congenital heart problems, writes reporter Stephen Briggs.

Reporter Stephen Briggs and niece Maisie
My niece - and goddaughter - Maisie was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome - a condition even rarer than the Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome which Benjamin has - although it is not quite as serious.

When I went to the fantastic Glenfield Hospital in Leicester to meet her for the first time, she was only a few days old -but still attached to numerous wires and machines to keep her safe
and well.

Holding her for the first time brought it home how special she is - and how fragile she is too. She needed open heart surgery early in her life, and has also had keyhole surgery on her
tiny heart.

My twin brother has spent many days in hospital with the long wait for her to be brought safe and well out of theatre.

Three years later she has grown to be a happy, playful youngster - if you didn’t know, you would never be able to tell she had anything wrong with her- but she faces a lifetime of surgeries and procedures. Continue reading